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ISO 9000 Quality Certification
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Established in 1980,Beijing Liuhe Hotel-product Manufacturing Co.

Established in 1980,Beijing Liuhe Hotel-product Manufacturing Co. is the largest group company producing hotel products in China,with over 3000 employees at present.lts factories spread all over China including cities like Beijing,Shanghai and Guangzhou,turning out nearly 20 categories of products representing over10,000 varieties.Headquartered in Beijing,the company has set up an independent company in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates which conducts transactions mainly in the Persian Gulf Area.

Over more t han two decades of growth,we have developed increasing number of products. Most of our subsidiaries have passed the ISO 9000 quality certification and enjoy complete quality assurance system and smooth distrbution netwok both in China and abroad, Our products have been widely used by Chinaese star hotels and our services have been provided to many world-renowned hotel management groups. Our clients can be found throughout the world, including the Canada,Australia,Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

We are ready to serve hotels and supplies of hotel products from all over the world with our quality products, reasonable price and warm service.

To select us is to gain access to satisfactory products.

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